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Driving License New Rules 2022 – Commercial & Personal, Apply Online(Driving License)

There is good news if you drive a two or four wheeler and need a license to do so. You no longer need to visit the Regional Transport Office, also known as the RTO, or wait in long lines to get a driving license. This task has become easy now. hubThe government has changed the requirements for obtaining a driving license. Driving test is no longer required under Driving License New Rule 2022. The Union Ministry of Roads and Motorways has amended the rules for obtaining driving license.In addition, these rules are now in effect. In such cases, the new rule will exempt individuals from the waiting list for RTO driver’s license. So let us tell you how driving licenses are now issued under the Driving License New Rules 2022.(Driving License)

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driving license new rules 2022

The new rules of driving license 2022 have come into effect from July 1, in which only private driving centers have been allowed to operate by the state transport authority or the central government. These training centers are valid for a period of five years. then you mustRenewal with Govt. Government action may result in private training school becoming a separate industry.

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How to apply for driving license according to the new rules

As per the rules of the Road and Transport Department, one who has passed the examination at a state recognized driving training center is exempted from taking the driving test at the RTO while applying for a driving license. That means you will not have to give RTO driving test. Private Driver Training Center Certificate is the only basis for your driving license.

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The institute has to renew its accreditation every five years. In order to strengthen the training process, the driving institute obtains affiliation or recognition by the State Transport Authority after checking the following points.

At least one acre of land should be available for two wheeler and four wheeler training centres. Two acres of land should be available for heavy vehicle training.

There should be a stimulator and a test track.

Trainers must have a high school diploma and at least five years of driving experience.

The center should have information technology and biometric systems.

Must take high quality driving track test as per the syllabus of the transport authority.

Light vehicle training will last 29 hours and must be completed within four weeks of onset. It will be divided into two sections: theory and practice. Theory takes 8 hours and practical driving takes 21 hours.

The duration of training for medium and heavy motor vehicles will be 38 hours and should be completed within 6 weeks of commencement. Theory classes are 8 hours long and practical classes are 31 hours long.

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driving license new rules 2022 different types

Depending on the type of vehicle you want to drive, you can get a . As per the new driving license rules, there are two types, as shown in the table.

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Personal and Permanent Driver’s License

License Class Type of Vehicle

MC 50CC Motorcycles with 50 cc or less engine capacity

MC EX50CC LMVs with gear and capacity of 50CC or more. E.g., Carmotorcycle . MCWOG/FVG Motorcycles with any engine capacity, however, without any gears. E.g., opeds & scooters

M/CYCL.WG All motorcycles with and witho

ut gearLMV-NT Light motor vehicles (LMVs) for non-transport purposes

commercial driving license

Vehicle license class type

HMV Heavy Automotive

HGMV Heavy Goods Automotive

HPMV/HTV Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle/Heavy Transport Vehicle

MGV Medium Goods Vehicle

LMV LMV – Motorcar, Delivery Van, Jeep and Taxi.

trailer heavy trailer license

These are the two most common types. Apart from these, there is an International Driving License which can be used to drive vehicles in other countries.

New Rules 2022 Documents Required to Apply for Driver License?

The following documents have to be submitted along with the application under the new license rules:

  • Proof of age – An educational certificate, birth certificate, passport, PAN card, or employer certificate can be submitted.
  • ne passport size photo
  • 4 ApplAddress proof – Ration card, passport,
  • Aadhar card, rent agreement, utility bill, or life insurance policy certificate can be submitted.
  • oication Form
  • Forms 1 and 1A are used as a medical certificate.
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How to apply for driving license according to the new rules of driving license 2022




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